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TranquilMist Mini Humidifier

TranquilMist Mini Humidifier

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🌿 TranquilMist Mini Humidifier 🌿

💧 Experience Serenity in Silence: Our mini air humidifier is designed with whisper-quiet technology, ensuring tranquility in every use. Say goodbye to disruptions and embrace peaceful moments throughout your day.

💧 Soothing 200ML Capacity: Delight in the abundance of moisturizing air provided by our humidifier's generous water tank. Replenish your surroundings with gentle hydration for a serene ambiance.

💧 Choose Your Calm: Select from two modes—Continuous (up to 5 hours) or Intermittent (up to 10 hours)—with the simple press of a button. Customize your environment to suit your desired level of tranquility.

💧 Harmony in Colors: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of tranquility with our colorful night light feature. Seven hues dance softly, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for your home, office, or sacred spaces.

💧 Compact Serenity: Designed to be effortlessly portable, our mini humidifier is compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry calm wherever you go.

📜 Specifications:
- Water Tank Capacity: 200ml
- Noise Rate: <36dB
- Operating Time: 5 Hours (Continuous Mode) / 10 Hours (Intermittent Mode)
- Spray Volume: 30-40ml/h
- Powered by: USB
- Product Size: about 103 x 80mm/4.1 x 3.1in

📝 Notes:
- Before use, please soak the filter cotton swab in water for 2 minutes for optimal performance.
- For prolonged use with essential oils, we recommend regular tank cleaning.

🌱 Simple Serenity Instructions:
1. Open the top cover and gently pull out the cotton swab (be mindful not to misplace the spring).
2. Fill the tank with water.
3. Completely wet the cotton swab in water, ensuring it's saturated.
4. Insert the wet cotton swab into the suction tube.
5. Plug in the power.
6. Press the button switch to activate your oasis of calm.

🎁 Package Includes:
- 1 x Mini Air Humidifier
- 1 x Filter Cotton Swab
- 1 x User Manual

Embrace tranquility with our Mini Air Humidifier—a serene addition to your journey toward inner peace and harmony. 🌟